NUS national demonstation

The PGWA welcomes the announcement of the NUS national demonstration on the 21st of November 2012.

The first students to pay £9,000 fees will be starting next academic year and many of the coalition policies, including attacks on university funding, will be taking effect.

We call on the NUS postgraduate section to organise a postgraduate bloc on the demonstration and to build for the biggest possible turn out on the day.

Postgraduates that teach in higher education should be marching alongside students and lecturers to defend education on the 21st November. We will also be raising the demand: “For fair pay and academic freedom”


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1 Response to NUS national demonstation

  1. Tommy says:

    Although, as the Education Officer for Reading University Students’ Union at the time, I supported the 2010 Demonstration against cuts and fees I find it difficult to find a reason to support #Demo2012. The purposes, as yet, are unclear and the reasons for calling students out on the march haven’t been justified. That said, I will be there on 21st November marching in solidarity with this generation of students and the cause.. whatever it turns out to be.

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