Welcome to the Postgraduate Workers Association blog,

The Postgraduate Workers Association is a campaign and
network that aims to work with the UCU and NUS to ensure fair conditions
for research students employed by universities.

HE institutions, faced with a funding crisis, are attacking the conditions
established academics and PG employees alike. We stand in solidarity with
all facing attacks these, but it is also crucial that we self-organise our
own sector if we are to oppose the exploitation of ourselves and colleagues.

Saturday 26th of May was our first official meeting, which was covered by the the
Independent here: http://ind.pn/JMOJrH

*At this meeting we agreed:*

– To set up a wordpress blog that will provide examples of ‘best practice’
where PhD student workers have won
– Publish a founding statement, which we will be sending out soon for
– Organise a small speaking tour with the same workshops
– Organise a larger conference in September
– Work with the UCU for their anti-casualistion day of action in the Autumn
– Create a Postgraduate block on the Autumn NUS Demo

*This is only a start, and we urgently seek peoples ideas, creativity
and perspiration!*

To get involved, or have a problem at your institution you would like to
ask others about, let us know on the blog or via email, and please pass this address
to anyone who is interested.

Email: postgraduate.worker@gmail.com

Twitter: @PG_worker

If you want to be more centrally involved, please join our discussion group
(nb 2-3 emails a day) https://lists.riseup.net/www/

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